ASP.NET – Serving IIS Express over LAN


I recently ran into a problem: There is no available server to homologate my feature.

I had to validate it with the marketing manager, so I have no place to do so.

After some research I found a “possible” solution that did not worked for me, it were related to changing the bindings info in some .config file. Definitely it were not the best solution.

Then I decided to appeal to nodeJS and with one single search with the key word “iis express node” I found this repo

I could not be simpler.

(You need to have the nodeJS and npm installed on your machine)

Follow these steps and start serving through your network:

Step 1:

npm install -g iisexpress-proxy

Step 2:

iisexpress-proxy localPort to proxyPort

Then I have declared my freedom from homologation server limitation.

Feel free to comment below if you find a better solution or any other alternative.



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