Android: Lyrics by vagalume API


Another API I found searching on internet that surprised me with good documentation and usability is

This API offers info about songs and artists; we can search song by name or phrase.

In this post I’ll show how to get the lyrics of the current playing song

You can get the source code at

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Swift: Getting the Levels of Water in São Paulo


I am brazilian and we are facing a water crisis (specially in São Paulo state), the drought is the most severe in the history of São Paulo and the people become interested in knowing the levels in the Cantareira reservoir system.

The state water authority, SABESP, has a website that shows the current levels with daily updates.

An API ( was made based on the data available on this website and we can follow the level changes of each reservoir in the Cantareira reservoir system.

As usual, the source code of this post is available at my github.

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